Action / Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime

Stache and the Mystery Inspectors

Stache & The Mystery Inspectors is a mash up of Magnum PI and Scooby Doo mysteries. A whacky adventure of bumbling idiots who spend their days doing as little as possible and somehow solving the mysteries of the infamous Raven Rafters Estate.


Raven Rafter’s Estate is quite the spectacle to behold. The combination of several sets and locations from Raven’s films, dismantled, flown to the Big Island and reassembled to produce a one of a kind home. The pyramid from the film “Are You My Mudskipper Mummy”, the castle tower from the film “Vampire Sloth” and the dome from the film “High School Planetarium Pandemonium” are just a few of the unusual features.

But the most important feature is that Stache and his Mystery Inspectors, Biggins, Mick and Roger are there solving the many mysteries of the Estate. If you loved Magnum P.I. or Scooby Doo, then this is a show for you. A balance of nostalgia, sly humor, and the joy of a good mystery make Stache and the Mystery Inspectors a sure fire hit.