CHURCHVILLE is a uniquely crafted comedy series blending sketch comedy and a narrative series, set in the world of Christian culture. CHURCHVILLE combines the style and comedy of The Office mixed with Key and Peele type sketches.


CHURCHVILLE is a uniquely crafted hybrid show blending sketch comedy and a narrative series, set in the world of Christian culture. CHURCHVILLE combines the STYLE and comedy of The Office mixed with Key and Peele type sketches. The show chronicles the misadventures of Ex-communicated mega church pastor, Todd Bishop as he attempts to launch his own ministry. Imagine what it would look like if Michael Scott from the The Office started a church…That’s who Todd Bishop is in Churchville!

This renegade pastor refuses to let his spiritual setbacks dampen his enthusiasm. Todd rallies an eclectic crew of “unchosen” disciples and embarks on a hilariously unorthodox journey, bringing fresh perspectives to both the church and the world as we know it.

Each episode delivers a blend of absurd sketches, ranging from a Live Birth Nativity event to an awkward Prayer Team Audition, as well as scenes showcasing the journey of Todd Bishop and his ragtag group of disciples. Amidst the satire, Churchville never loses sight of its heart and humor, as it weaves Todd’s quest to establish his start-up church throughout the series.

Todd has a genuine love for people and God, but good intentions don’t always yield good results when executed with such little social awareness. Like when he goes to the mall at Christmas to tell kids that Santa ISN’T REAL… But Satan IS…

Despite his lack of tact, Todd is the heart of the show: sincere, passionate, and overly ambitious about his team and his ministry.

Churchville’s sinful but saved team of writers, actors, and filmmakers share a deep love for God, the local church, and relatable comedy.

Christian film and TV have their fair share of “epic” Bible tales and “dramatic” slice-of-life dramas, but where’s the comedy? Churchville steps up as the satirical game-changer, unafraid to ask the tongue-in-cheek questions that make us laugh at ourselves. So, Welcome to Churchville and ask yourself…”What Would Judas Do?….and don’t do that!”


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Meet the Creator: Mike Akel

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Mike Akel is an American TV / Film director, actor, and professor from Franklin, Tennessee. Mike is also the proud co-founder of the kids content production company New Sky Kids, which has more than 2.4 million YouTube subscribers and over 1.5 billion views.

As a filmmaking instructor and professor Mike taught for 6 years at the high school level, and 5 years at the University of Texas in Austin where he taught Web Series Production, Script to Screen and Indie Feature Screenwriting.

His award-winning film CHALK was released theatrically in over 50 markets and aired on the Sundance Channel and Starz Network. Chalk was also nominated for the prestigious John Cassavetes Independent Spirit Award.

Mike’s next jump was into Television where he was the field director and story producer for season 2 of the popular documentary series MY 600 LB LIFE, which continues to air on TLC.

THE TINY LIFE OF BUTCHER DUKE is Mike’s latest family sports comedy and was the Grand Jury Winner at the Hill Country Film Festival. ~ “Napoleon Dynamite meets Rocky on a Tennis Court!” The film is now streaming on Amazon Prime and other streaming services.

Currently, Mike is producing his new TV comedy series, Churchville - Hailed as Portlandia meets The Office set in the world of religion. In the world of Churchville we don’t ask “What would Jesus do?”. We ask “What would Judas do?…and don’t do that!”