Action / Adventure, Drama, Historical

The Shepherd King

Tracking the Throne Rights of the Kingdom of Israel, The Shepherd King tells the story of the life of David, youngest son of Judah, chieftain of the Tribe of Judah, from his anointing as the next King of Israel, through his ascension to the throne. From his throne, David unites the twelve tribes of Israel into a mighty nation.


Youngest son of a powerful tribal chieftain, David of Judah grew up taking care of the family’s flocks. At least, until a prophet-judge predicts his rise to fame and power. Told with the historical and gritty realism of The Vikings, The Last Kingdom, or Game of Thrones, the story of how a young shepherd becomes the tribal chieftain that unites the 12 Hebrew tribes into the kingdom of Israel is an ancient epic about the founding of a tiny nations that would change the course of the world. A four season limited series, The Shepherd King follows David from the teen fighting lions for the lambs of his family’s flock to his death as a grey-haired warrior-king.

Season one tracks David from the shepherd fields through his rise to fame as a giant-slayer and top rate warrior for King Saul and into exile as a perceived threat to Saul’s sovereignty. [1 Sam 15-20]

The second season tracks the movement from exile to the throne. 1 Sam 21-2 Sam 2; 1 Chron. 10-11

The third season follows King David as he brings the tribes into unity and establishes his sovereign rule over all of the traditional tribal lands of the Hebrews. [2 Sam 2-7; 1 Chron. 12-18]

The fourth season tracks his downfall as his moral failures and negligence of his own children catches up to him. The grief, fall, exile, restoration, and arguments about succession fill the old king’s final years. [2 Sam. 8-1 Kings 2; 1 Chron 19-29]