Animation, Short

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The ancient barbaric practice of child sacrifice continues to thrive in our modern world, and yet few realize or care. Fewer still dare to speak out

Exposed is a six-part animated series that dares to speak to the most controversial yet most ignored aspects of the abortion genocide.

This hard-hitting compilation of shorts will disturb and challenge its audience.

There has never been a series like it.

Then the doctor pulled hard until her leg ripped away from her body. She recoiled and violently writhed around in pain and curled herself into a tight ball. - from "The Procedure"

On the other side was a deep, dark pit with jagged rocks at the bottom. My horror grew as I realized that the babies passed through the curtains were being tossed into the chasm. - from "The Curtain"

At what point did it become ok to sacrifice so many lives for the desired one? - from "Glimmer"