Unfiltered by Hollywood or church ladies.

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The New

In family entertainment.

We're building the streaming platform that empowers creators creatively and financially, while entertaining families of all age groups. We are not an alternative, we're a standard that will transform the way people make content.

Why complain about the way things are when you can build new things? Will you join us?

Our Commitments

What we believe

There's a culture war going on, and we're at the front lines. This is our battle plan:

Cancel Hollywood

Stop letting Hollywood decide what content to make with your money. LOOR empowers the viewer, not out of touch Hollywood executives, to decide what movies, films and TV shows to make and watch next.

Powerful Subscriptions

Don't just watch content with your subscription. Make content. Your dollars hold all the power and can decide what production gets greenlit next.

Free Creators

When you green light a project with LOOR, you empower creators to make what they want, freeing them from the bondage of cancel culture. Use your LOOR to prove demand for content that speaks to your values.

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