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Fighting the culture with great storytelling

Unfiltered by Hollywood or church ladies, Loor is a crowdfunding platform that enables film makers to build whatever they want without the restrictive woke agenda, and get paid while doing it.

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Entertainment Unfiltered by Hollywood or Church Ladies

Why should out of touch Hollywood Executives spend your subscription money on content you hate? With LOOR, you can fund the new movies and TV shows that you want to see.

Beta Projects

Freedom From Hollywood's Chains

Funding wild stories just got really easy.

  • Creative freedom

    We're serious about giving creators the freedom to make what they actually want to make — seriously. Try us.


    With LOOR REDACTED, we work with many artists who don't want to be identified but want the freedom to tell stories their current bosses won't allow.

  • Crowd sourced

    The subscribers should decide what content they fund, not out of touch Hollywood Executives.

Our Mission

What We Believe

There's a culture war going on, and we're at the front lines. This is our battle plan:

  • Cancel Hollywood

    Stop letting Hollywood decide what content to make with your money. LOOR empowers the viewer, not out of touch Hollywood executives, to decide what movies, films and TV shows to make and watch next.

  • Powerful Subscriptions

    Don't just watch content with your subscription. Make content. Your dollars hold all the power and can decide what production gets greenlit next.

  • Free Creators

    When you green light a project with LOOR, you empower creators to make what they want, freeing them from the bondage of cancel culture. Use your LOOR to prove demand for content that speaks to your values.

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