Teach All Nations

Teach All Nations



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In our first film On Earth As It Is In Heaven we discussed the topic of historical optimism and the Postmillennial view of eschatology which basically leads us to the conclusion that the work of the Kingdom of God still has a long way to go in this world. If that’s true then what are the practical implications for our daily lives?

In this docuseries we seek to answer this question and show that Christ is the only answer to the chaos we see in the world around us and that the biblical worldview holds the answers to the problems of this world. We interview pastors and theologians who have considered these questions for many years like Dr. George Grant, Dr. Gary North, Douglas Wilson, Toby Sumpter, Gary DeMar, Dr. James White, Jeff Durbin, Dr. P. Andrew Sandlin, Dr. Glenn Sunshine along with many others who are living out these principles in different areas of life and ministry.