Felt Board Sunday School

2024 | adults | 1 Season


Elderly Norma teaches Jr. High Sunday School sharing Bible Stories and wildly inappropriate personal application.
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1. Adam, Eve, and My Deadbeat Dad Steve

God creates Adam and Eve, but Adam acts like my deadbeat Dad Steve.

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2. Abel, Cain, and My Sticky-Fingered cousin Tracy

Cain blames Abel for his own emptiness, like my cousin Tracy.

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3. Noah’s Ark, Giants, and the Tipsy Temptations of Wine and Women

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4. Shem, Ham, and The First Communists

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5. Abram and Pharaoh’s Indecent Proposal

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6. Lot, The Gays, and Burning the Freak Flag Where it Flies

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7. Sarai, Hagar, and Steve's Gold-Digging Secretary Nancy

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