Fleur de Lis

2024 | teens | 1 Season

Animation, Comedy

An animated sitcom about the Tremblays and their Louisiana adventures. It's equal parts heartwarming, funny, and unfathomably frustrating for Maple.
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1. Jus Mystère

After a bout of illness leaves Aaron out of commission, it's up to Enoki and Scout to figure out how they're going to pay for hospital bills. Despite Maple's better judgement, the two decide to see if there's anything in Rufus' laboratory that can help.

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2. Allons à Crossroads

After learning the story of the Mississippi Crossroads from Scout, Enoki hatches an idea on how to trick the devil into giving refunds on a few of his purchased souls. As usual, Maple is along for the ride.

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3. Coullionbagger Inc.

Maple and Rufus respond to a newspaper ad claiming that if they can solve Caddo Lake's ghost problems, they'll get $1,000. As it quickly turns out, however, the 'ghost problems' are the least of their concerns.

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4. Tremblay Manor

After the Quichontoux city council accidentally classifies the Tremblay's rental home as a historic site, tourists start showing up. Enoki has yet another horrible idea.

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5. Opportunité d'job de Maple

Maple's had enough of the Corner store and Olivia Boudreaux, the lady who ends up becoming her manager everywhere she seems to work. However, a couple of unexpected encounters arise, giving Maple... new options.

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6. Vous Voilà, Part One

Running out of options for cash, Enoki decides to make one last Hail Mary by signing up for the gumbo competition at the yearly Corn Festival. However, this year's festival is set to be a little more exciting than usual.

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7. Vous Voilà, Part Two

...Well, I'd tell you, but that would spoil Part One, wouldn't it?

How I do the AI voices for Fleur de Lis

Watch me explain how I do the AI voice in this shows ...and also how I like to mix rum and Dr. Pepper.

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