Teach All Nations

2022 | adults | 1 Season


With a postmillennial eschatology, what are the practical implications of it in our day-to-day lives?
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Created by: Nathan Anderson

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1. The Ranks of the Insane

As the world around us seems to be descending into madness what are the principles that will guide us through these trying times? In our first episode we will consider how a Biblical view of history prepares us to be faithful in the task of discipling nations and proclaiming the crown rights of king Jesus over every area of life.

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2. Left Behind

For many years evangelicals have heard the claim that we are living in the end of days and the rapture is right around the corner. Despite the numerous predictions of prophecy experts the rapture never came. We have all been in a sense "left behind." If that is the case what are we called to do now?

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3. The Sinners Wealth

There is no such thing as Biblical economics," that's the claim we hear often in this day and age. In this episode we consider what the Bible teaches about wealth and its connection to eschatology.

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4. It's Nuclear

Our society has been redefining many things in recent years, the role, purpose and even definition of the family seem to be up for grabs these days. In this episode we explore God's purpose for the family and its role as the gospel goes out into the nations.

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5. Leviathan Rising

Our world has been changing rapidly over the last few years. Many freedoms and values that have been somewhat commonplace in the West seem to be disappearing.In this episode we explore the issue of the role and limits of the state from a Biblical perspective. What should the christians attitude be towards the changes we are experiencing and what is the way forward as we seek to be faithful and have a lasting impact on future generations for the kingdom of God.

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