The Psalter

2023 | adults | 1 Season

Drama, Short

Cinematic paintings built from the Psalms of David.
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1. The Bound of the Sea (Pilot)

This Pilot episode serves as an example for an entire anthology series called, The PSALTER. The Pilot focuses on a widow who longs to re-inspire her songwriting endeavors. Her paralleled narration of Scripture includes: Psalm 42, Psalm 40, Isaiah 64, Colossians 1, and Jeremiah 5. Future episodes will follow different characters, and they will have a narrative focus on a specific chapter of the book of Psalms.

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2. The Chaff and the Trees

Haunted by the songs of a mysterious siren he encountered during his service, a young war veteran struggles to prepare for a life-changing callback on a film that delves into the depths of his own past demons.

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3. Casting Cords

When a renowned worship leader is entangled in a Fautisian bargain with a business tycoon determined to construct an entertainment empire, she must navigate a treacherous path where faith, ambition and corruption collide.

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4. Ten Thousands

A cancel culture advocate rallies an online mob to destroy a determined podcaster’s efforts to establish a growing franchise.

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5. Sea Haven

An artist embarks on a mission to build a vibrant sanctuary for creatives where their ideas can flourish.


Introducing...The Psalter. Cinematic paintings built from the Psalms of David.

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