What the Church!

2024 | adults | 1 Season

Comedy, Short

A deathbed conversion gone awry, an over-zealous porn blocker, a farmer who won't sell his pumpkins for Halloween, a gossipy small group, and more. God calls us to love His Church as the Body of Christ. But has He actually met these people?
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1. Porn Blocker

He'll go the distance to hold you accountable. He's the self-help sponsor who can just help himself.

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2. Marriage Trouble

An out-of-control couple runs circles around a marriage counselor—what are they hiding?

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3. Heavenly Dogma

A deathbed conversion turns to one of the major theological questions: do dogs go to heaven?

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4. Afterlife Coach

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat until you see the light.

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